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Bookings Policies

Hotels Booking Policies

 Accommodation types

In accordancewith what was referred to in the privacy policy, terms and conditions,temporary residence services are provided, including Hotels,hotel apartments, and more

Booking via the website

If you decideto make a reservation through our system, you are agreeing to the price statedas well as the terms and conditions mentioned on the website. Once thereservation is confirmed by the accommodation you have chosen, a confirmationemail that includes the voucher (for prepaid accommodations) will be sent fromour company to the email used to make the booking.

we reservethe right to reject bookings as set out in the ‘Right to cancel’ section below.

Accommodation rating,classification and information

Hotel ratingor classification in our system it’s set by the hotel itself or by the supplierwe only aim to provide general information and we are not responsible fordifferent or any change in the hotel's rating or classification and information.

If you needto be sure you can contact the hotel directly or through the hotel web.

Prices and taxes

In general,the displayed prices include service fees and taxes except for city and resorttax, insurance amounts and tourism fees, which are paid directly through thecustomer.

But there aresome reservations that are updated with taxes not included that will be paidthrough the customer so it is very important to read the notes well

Taxability,the appropriate tax rate and the type of applicable taxes vary greatly bylocation and can change without prior notice.

If thegovernment imposes a new tax suddenly, please note that it will be paiddirectly by the customer

Also, if youmade a reservation with a future service date and there were taxes have beenadded before the check in date, please note that these taxes will be paid bythe customer directly

Cancellation of reservation ‘Right tocancel by 4allbooking’

We reservethe right not to accept customers or bookings (or to cancel confirmed bookingsin extreme cases) at its own discretion and for whatever legal reason withoutthe need to justify such refusal. Typical reasons for rejecting a customer or abooking include, but are not limited to:

  • Breach ourterms and conditions
  • Accommodationclosure
  • Incorrect rate which mean unreasonable rate
  • Force majeureevents
  • Trade oreconomic sanctions
  • Embargoes,legal restrictions
  • Fraud ortheft
  • Suspectedcriminal activity
  • Submission ofmisleading or erroneous information
  • Credit cardproblems
  • Inappropriatebehavior
  • Threats orinsults

If a bookingis rejected or cancelled by 4allbooking and a payment has already been made,the booking value will be refunded or not as per case and situation.

we might alsobe forced to reject or cancel bookings due to 'obvious errors'. An obviouserror is a mistake found on the website related to the booking prices that acustomer might not consider being 'obvious'. we are entitled to reject orcancel any booking where this error is applicable with no prior notice. In suchcases, the amount charged will be reimbursed.

Prices and additional costs by the property

Please beaware that all the prices mentioned on website and app are based on the datesand number of guests requested through search

The standardaccommodation room reservations include single, double or triple occupancy.Extra beds will usually come with extra charges unless stated otherwise. Pleasebe sure to notify the accommodation in advance if there are additional guestsbecause the accommodation reserves the right to reject last-minute guests.

Insurance ofany kind is not included in the rates.

Rates and availabilitiesare dynamic and can change daily/hourly and as per the availability

Extra Fees From Property

Theaccommodation might also directly charge you on factors that includeelectricity, baggage handling, newspapers delivery, tourism and housekeeping.These charges are not controlled by our 4allbooking and are usually applied incertain markets such as the USA. However, optional fees that include minibarcharges, parking, room service, movie rentals, the internet, food, beverages,and phone usage are almost never applied.

Duringcertain high season periods, certain accommodations may make it mandatory forguests to purchase tickets for a gala dinner or event being hosted at theaccommodation (e.g. for New Year, Christmas, Chinese New Year, etc.). Suchcharges might not be included in the room rates and will need to be paiddirectly at the property. In some cases, it may be listed under ‘Mandatoryfees’ on the accommodation details page.

Transportation fees

For certain accommodations there are compulsorytransportation fees, such as the Maldives, to reach the resort or hotel. Oftentimes, they are not included in the price. Therefore, once booked, please contactus or the hotel to complete the transfer booking process with the hotel,knowing that these fees are collected from the customer directly, whetherbefore arrival or When checking in at the hotel

We don’t assume any liability for the quality, safety,frequency or service levels of such transportation services.

Maldives bookings

Some important points as the below: -

  • consideration Proceed booking before service date from03:07 days
  • consideration flight arrival should be from 08:00 AM to15:00 PM, Flight Departure start from 12 noon toavoid issues with transfers as it’s not working at night between islands
  • Transfer if not included guest will pay directly tohotel and you have to advise us flight detailsminimum 03 daysbefore service date to be arrange with hotel.
  • For package include (transfer + accommodation) you cansend offline request to operations team


We accept payments online using Visa and MasterCard in AED    

If you decide to pay with a credit card from a foreignbank institution, additional charges may apply, according to your bank’s policy

If your payment is declined, it could be for one of the followingreasons:

If you exceed the credit limit of the card.We recommend that you make sure you have enough credit (by checking youraccount balance or contacting your credit card provider) or you can use anothercard.

You made a mistake in entering the credit cardinformation during the booking process, such as printing a billing address,expiration date, or incorrect password, please verify the information and tryagain.

An unauthorized payment method is used through the site.Make sure we accept your card type before you make the payment. You cancurrently book and pay via cards: Visa Card, Master Card

Your credit card provider is unable to complete thepayment process due to a technical glitch. Please contact your credit cardprovider/or try again.

Your card has been blocked by the credit card providerbecause this payment is different from your usual daily payments in order toprotect you, please try again later after contacting the provider andrequesting the lifting of the ban on your credit card.

Refunds willbe done only through the Original Mode of Paymen

Delivery & Shipping Policy: 

Website)will NOT deal or provide any services or products to any of OFAC (Office ofForeign Assets Control) sanctions countries in accordance with the law of UAE”.

Security Deposit

The hotel orowner may require a security deposit to be paid before check-in (refundableupon check-out). The security deposit amount is variable and is set by thehotel or the owner of the specified property. The owner keeps this deposit inthe event of any disputes or damages to the property. We will not be liable forany penalties set by the owner, in the event of any disputes or damages to theproperty or any failure to comply with the rental rules set by the owner or thehotel. We do not get involved in disputes that arise between you and the owneror hotel and they must be resolved between the parties involved.

COVID-19 Safety Standards

You must follow all the precautionary measures and rulesfor COVID-19 that comply with the current rules set by the various governments

Value Added Tax (VAT)

Value added tax (VAT) is a tax onthe consumption or use of goods and services levied at the point of sale.

Booking Conditions

By making areservation on 4allbooking, you accept and agree to the booking conditions ofthe accommodation, including the cancellation and no-show policies, as well asany additional terms and conditions that may apply to your reservation orduring your stay, including services rendered and/or products offered by theaccommodation terms and conditions of an accommodation can be obtained with therelevant accommodation).

Hotel prices on the online reservations system are based on FITleisure basis. we will not hold any responsibility if the client is not on aleisure trip. All the hotels refuse to honor the booking and will charges theclient directly at the rack rate without any liability or responsibility fromour side.

Some hotels have floating rack rates that change daily. We willnot accept any requests for a refund on the basis that our selling price was,on the day, close to or above the rack rate.

Each booking must have at least one full guest name per room andthe passenger entered first, will automatically be assigned as lead name

Special Conditions for USA and Canada: Guest names: all the fullnames, including first names of all the guests must be provided at the time ofbooking and need to confirm exactly the guest’s name on the passport or anyother identification required for check- in. The name of all guests checking into the hotel must match those on the reservation, or the hotel will considerthe reservation a "no-show"

Bookings may be made only as dummy bookings and we reserve theright to cancel all bookings that seem to be made with the intention of holdingspace. Name change will be considered a cancellation of the existingreservation and applicable penalties will apply. The new reservation will besubject to space and rate availability at that time

For latecheck in you should follow with our operations team or call hotel otherwisebooking will auto cancel and charge will apply

Even thoughthe majority of accommodations offer specific timings for check-in andcheck-out, some might not have 24-hour desks. If the accommodation you bookedis among the ones with no 24-hour desks, we recommend contacting theaccommodation directly to notify them of your estimated check-in time.

If a customer was promised certain facilities in anaccommodation but was not available upon arrival, they are encouraged to get intouch with the accommodation management to solve the issue. However, we can'tguarantee the availability of any promised facilities found on theaccommodation page on the website.

Package rate for hotel booking online: sometime rate for hotelreservation linked with another service such as flight or transfer in this caseyou will responsible for any change may be apply

Reservations are accepted for a maximum of 4 rooms only.Reservations for 5 rooms or more are considered to be a group and cannot bebooked online on the online reservations system

bookings arefor one-night minimum stays only.

As soon asyou have completed the booking process, you will receive booking ID number asconfirmation. We will also send you a confirmation email and voucher with allyour booking information

Once you haveentered the dates of your stay, the available accommodation types are listed,with the rates clearly displayed next to them. You might see that the sameaccommodation type has a different rate based on different conditions, such asoccupancy or inclusions or booking conditions.

You will seethe total price prior to confirming your booking. Display settings may vary,but this will at the latest show on the final booking page. This informationwill also be in your confirmation email and voucher.

Both price and availability of the selected service may be subjectto change before confirmation of the booking

Please bear in mind that hotels are under renovation from time totime. Hotels take all possible steps to limit disruption to their guests. Wewill not accept complaints, or requests for refunds, if a hotel is carrying outrenovations whilst a guest is resident. Sometime advise you of renovation work,dates may be provided but it is important to remember that these may be subjectto change and sometime not always notified. therefore, you be held accountablefor complaints concerning renovations that extend beyond the date originallyadvised.

Sometimes themain hotel sends the customer to another alternative hotel due to variousreasons, for ex: sudden maintenance or government intervention,.....

Whilesearching in a specific area, hotels may appear for areas adjacent to theregion, meaning you may do a search for Makkah hotels and among the resultsappear hotels in the Jeddah or Taif area, so please check the hotel address toavoid any problems

If you havechildren, they must be entered correctly during the search process, especiallythe ages when entering the hotel, and read any note on the reservation and as general children are sharing room without extrabeds and sometime also without meals

(RoomDetails) The number of bedrooms will be clearly stated in the room description through hotel website. If you have already made yourreservation you can contact the hotel directly with the contact detailsprovided in your confirmation email or voucher.

Every roomhas a different policy set by the hotel.

Anon-refundable policy means that a fee will apply if you decide to cancel oramend your booking. This fee is mentioned in the room conditions and in yourbooking confirmation e-mail and voucher.

If you cancela non-refundable accommodation booking, or cancel your booking after theaccommodation's cancellation deadline, you are not eligible for a refund,regardless of the payment method used.

Freecancellation means you can cancel your booking free of penalties if done withina time period set by the hotel. This is mentioned in the room conditions and inyour confirmation (for example "cancel within 2 weeks of booking" or"cancel before dd/mm/yy hh:mm").

For hotelrooms are fully refundable if you cancel before the hotel's cancellationdeadline, which varies across accommodations

We will not action any requests made over the phone.

Pleaseremember to check the hotel’s cancellation policy before making any changes toyour booking. Some hotel rooms are non-refundable.

  • If you feel you have been charged in error,our customer support team will find the best possible solution for you. Pleasecontact us with your booking ID and details of the charge made, and we will behappy to assist you.
  • If you would like to extend yourbooking you have two ways to get this done, you can directly login the systemand book the rooms as per availability, if you are not able to find than youcan get in touch with us.
  • If you proceed booking but you haven’t received anyemail, might have gone to your spam folder, so please check it once again. Ifyou still cannot find your confirmation email, please contact our support teamand we will gladly help you out
  • The notes that appear on the reservation are mandatoryeven if they differ with the details of the search, meaning you may enter datato search for a triple room, but during the reservation procedure there is anote that this price is for two people only. This means that the third personwill be paid for the accommodation+meals directly at the hotel, such policiesfrom hotels and are out of our control or the supplier
  • Due to the risk of splitting group rooms, 4allbookingdoes not accept the way of separating group rooms into multi-orders. We willnot be held responsible for any hotel arrangement (including a surcharge for atraveller upon check-in or a temporary arrangement to another hotel, etc.) as aresult of the split of group rooms.
  • The main customer in the reservation must be over 18years old, in some hotels, 21 years old so to avoid any issue you can contact hotel.
  • Regarding any inquiry related to the hotel, beforecompleting the reservation process, you can directly check the hotel’s websiteor call directly and if necessary, we will contact the hotel and inform youwith the information and the person who is the source of the information in thehotel, but we do not bear any change in the information on the part of thehotel due to the continuous changes that occur in the hotel and to a problem,you avoid any change you contact the hotel via e-mail.
  • Some room results appear not clear on the site as aresult of the xml link. It is not possible to know the specific room type untilbooked and following up with the hotel and supplier to check posted under whichroom type in the hotel
  • The Company will not deal with any complaints received more than30 days after the client’s end customer has checked out.
  • will not handle any complaint that was not brought to theattention of the hotel while the client’s end customer was in residence.
  • All complaints must be reported to the hotel on the spot. And weare not responsible for not notifying the hotel

International Travel

You are responsible for ensuring that you meet anyapplicable foreign entry requirements and that your travel documents, such aspassports and visas (transit, business, tourist, and otherwise), are in orderand any other foreign entry requirements are met.  

By offering Hotel Reservations in particularinternational destinations, we do not represent or warrant that travel to suchareas is advisable or without risk, and are not liable for damages or lossesthat may result from travel to such destinations. We recommend you check yourcountry’s foreign travel guidance for further details.  

HCN + Last Minute Booking

  • Once Bookingposted we are working on to have HCN but there are some points influence somehotels update their system just for booking with nearest check in
  • We have highpriority for last minute booking may be take around from 02:03 hrs
  • Don’t takeany action until refer back to us to avoid any confused and will not be ourresponsibility
  • For lastminute booking kindly contact operations team or hotel to check availabilityand avoid issue with customer

Amend Policy

  • For any amendyou should send email to operations team and will do the best but it’s notguaranteed
  • At the timeof booking the real name of passenger has to be properly noted
  • Hotels mightrefuse any change of name and we can’t be held responsible
  • Some casesthe booking may need to be cancel and re-booked if there is still spaceavailable but with new rate
  • In some cases,a decrease of number of nights still can increase the overall booking priceThis is because there might be a promotion happening when the original bookingis made and that promotion may not be valid anymore.
  • Refund Policy

  • Booking mustbe cancelled directly on our system firstly as per cxl policy
  • For yourrequest to make refund it’s not guaranteed and if you have promised from hotelor incase personal circumstance please send us paper evidence to help us whilewe negotiate with hotel and supplier.
  • Kindly notefor any refund it will take from 5 to 10 working days or more as per case

For bookingswith full or partial refund we usually process the refund within 4 working daysfrom the cancellation request. However, it may take longer to reflect in youraccount statement as this depends on your bank. We’ve noticed that it takesabout 15-20 working days at the latest for most refunds to be transferred backto their respective accounts. If you still haven't received your refund, pleasecontact our Customer support team and they will be happy to assist you.

Relocation Policy

From time to time hotels cannot accept confirmed bookings. We willalways do our best to avoid that problem and where it happens we will provide asuitable alternative. We are not able to guarantee in all cases thatalternative accommodation booked will be of the same standard or in the samelocation in these cases we will offer any suitable alternative and try toprovide compensation as per the case

Regarding last minute bookings should follow firstly withoperations team or hotel to check availability and avoid issue with the guest

RelocationPolicy Steps: -

First option provides thesame conditions as per original

If first option not available from ourside we will try to provide higher classification with the same rate or lowerwith limited discount

If the first and the second optionsrefused from guest he can cancel for free

If we can’t manage to provide the first orthe second option (specially for last minute booking) our operation team willupdate you that you have the right to book directly with compensation between25:30% (+) than original booking amount with the same conditions as perthe case.

(ex: original amount 1000 USD they can book from their side and we cancover over than original with max  250:300 USD above after provide us withinvoice for new booking same details, cxl policy and after check out willupdate).

ImportantNotes For Relocation: -

Please note that star ratings are based on the data which4allboking contracted with partners.

Don’t take any action until refer back to us to avoid anyconfused

If the clients cancel or rebook before we give the finalsolutions, we will not bear any rate difference or compensation.

Booking with Free Transfers

  • Kindly noteif you have booking with free transfer you should update us with flight detailsmax 72 hrs before service date to be able to confirm this transfer for any lateit’s not guaranteed to confirm it
  • If you havebooking last minute with free return transfer which mean check in same day or01 day before check in It’s not guaranteed to confirm first transfer

Client Nationality

When the nationality of the client is entered whilemaking a search the agency confirms that the nationality of the passport of theclient is entered. The rates displayed after the search results will be for thenationality entered during the search at the same time you should read allnotes appear on booking details while proceed as sometime there will be notethat this rate not available for the same specific nationality , Although youenter the same nationality through search in this case this note will beapplicable and you can’t book this booking if you proceed guest will beresponsible for any different rate or can’t accommodate the same guest

Information (extra beds/cots and children)

  • Any additional fees for children, if any, are notincluded in the reservation price and are to be paid directly if the roomcapacity allows it.
  • We advise you to contact the hotel prior to your arrivaltime, to ensure that all your requirements are met.
  • If you have booked your room in advance and would like torequest an extra bed afterwards, you can always contact hotelor our operations team and we will send the request and verify the possibilityof providing an extra bed/cot.
  • Regarding requests for bed type, it is not guaranteedaccording to the hotel's availability

  “Any purchase, dispute or claim arising out ofor in connection with this website shall be governed and construed inaccordance with the laws of UAE”.